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Apple hits EU’s Digital Markets Act

November 20, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Apple is arguing with the European Union over the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) and arguing against the EU’s requirement which would require Apple to open its platforms and services to other companies.

One major change from the DMA would be the requirement to allow users to sideload apps outside of the App Store. Apple has filed its complaint in the EU’s Court of Justice.

One item in the EU’s favour is that the iPhone is not dominant in Europe where Android-based phones – and their lower cost – outsell iPhones.

The DMA legislation is also targeted at other platforms and includes 22 named ‘gatekeeper’ operators including Microsoft, Google, Amazon Meta and TikTok.

However, iPhone fans – and App suppliers – would like improved choice and the potential to bypass Apple’s alleged monopoly of App options and related fees. The EU legislation seeks to make it easier for consumers to move between competing services and would require suppliers to inter-operate their messaging apps with rivals and let customers decide which Apps to pre-install on their devices.

Meta and TikTok have already filed objections says Bloomberg. Meta said it disagrees with the EU’s decision to designate Messenger and Marketplace services under the DMA outline. Meta did not challenge the inclusion of Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram.

TikTok said: “Far from being a gatekeeper, our platform, which has been operating in Europe for just over five years, is arguably the most capable challenger to more entrenched platform businesses.”

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