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ZDF Studios goes Into The Universe with Go Button Media

January 22, 2024

Go Button Media has announced a partnership with ZDF Studios. The German producer/distributor has commissioned its first major factual series from the Canadian indie and will also be responsible for its global distribution (excluding Canada). Go Button will also be continuing its successful partnership with Canadian broadcaster Super Channel on this series.

Into the Universe: The Secrets of the Cosmos Uncovered (8 x 52’) is an accessible and entertaining space and science series that will shine a light on some of the universe’s most intriguing and baffling questions. It will examine the why of the universe’s unknowns and seek to crack the code to find answers to these cosmic conundrums, many of which have baffled the brightest minds for decades and even centuries.

Working with astronomers, engineers, astrophysicists and philosophers, the series will combine expert commentary with the latest science and CGI to delve into complex cosmic riddles, reviewing their often-mind-bending implications for humankind. Produced in 4K, episodes will cover a range of stellar subjects, including the size, scope and shape of the universe, how stars collide to become supernovas, what are the origins of existence on Earth and are we truly the only planet with proof of life?

Daniel Oron, co-founder and executive producer at Go Button Media, commented: “The team at ZDF Studios has a first-rate reputation for co-producing, acquiring, and representing some of the best factual programming in the international marketplace. With the bar set high, we are extremely proud of, and motivated by, this new partnership with ZDF Studios and hope the collaboration will be the first of many more exciting productions to follow. Into the Universe is destined to be one of our biggest series yet and builds on the experience we gained producing previous series such as A World Without NASA and Phantom Signals. This dynamic new title will be a strong representation of how Go Button consistently utilises its curiosity and creativity to deconstruct vast topics, making them more memorable and entertaining for viewers. We are also delighted to continue expanding our successful relationship with Super Channel in Canada into 2024, knowing that with them, Into the Universe will thrive in its home market as well as internationally.”

Ralf Rückauer, VP unscripted at ZDF Studios, said: “We are proud of our partnership with Go Button Media and delighted to be working with Super Channel. Canada continues to produce excellent programming of the highest quality that hits the nerve of our customers. Humanity is still at the very beginning of space exploration, even though we think we know a lot. There is still so much to discover, so many unanswered questions. We are delighted to be working with the teams at Go Button Media and Super Channel on Into the Universe: The Secrets of the Cosmos Uncovered to reveal the latest findings. It doesn’t get any more exciting than Space.”

Kimberly Ball, chief content officer at Super Channel, added: Super Channel and Go Button’s partnership is now entering its sixth year and I’m delighted to say that it is still going strong. Their team is never short of great new ideas for series and this combination of space, science and mystery is a definite winner for our audiences. We had no hesitation in giving it a greenlight and look forward to working in partnership with ZDF Studios and Go Button Media over the coming months.”

Into the Universe: The Secrets of the Cosmos Uncovered will start delivering in Q4 2024.

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