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Fubo launches AI-generated Instant Headlines

January 25, 2024

FuboTV, the sports-first live TV streaming platform, has launched Instant Headlines, a beta feature that generates contextual news topics as they are reported live on air.

Designed to help Fubo consumers make better viewing decisions in real-time, Instant Headlines surfaces current programming topics and highlights them – in 10 words or less – in the homepage news carousel. The page constantly refreshes each channel tile in the carousel, updating the user on the current topic being discussed on that channel. From there, the user can click on the channel tile to watch the live segment.

Instant Headlines, available to Fubo users in North America on FireTV and Android TV, is currently integrated with select 24 hour news channels, including national networks and, in certain markets, local stations.

With Instant Headlines as a first step, Fubo plans to launch a suite of news-focused product features with the goal of ensuring fans never miss a moment of desired content. The company also intends to make similar features available for sports and entertainment content.

“Fubo continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation, delivering to consumers market defining product features optimised for live TV streaming,” said David Gandler, co-founder and CEO, Fubo. “We were the first virtual MVPD to offer 4K streaming and multi viewing, which we launched years ahead of our peers. It’s Fubo’s premium user experience, coupled with our aggregated sports-first content offering, that provides meaningful differentiation in a crowded streaming landscape. We believe tech advancements will continue to demarcate Fubo from other live TV streaming services – appealing to both consumers and advertisers alike – and will contribute strongly to our profitability goals.”

“Today’s launch of our first-of-its-kind news feature is aimed to improve live content discovery on Fubo, in real time. Innovating around our news programming is a focus this year, particularly as we head into an election cycle. We’re excited to further evolve Instant Headlines and offer additional news-based product features during such a critical time in world news. Instant Headlines is just the first product we’re rolling out this year aimed to ensure our users never miss a moment of the most meaningful content,” concluded Gandler.

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