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Get Ready to be Thrilled: 5 Amazing Gambling Movies and TV Shows

March 19, 2024

Have you ever thought that some of the most epic movies include a gambling topic? For example, in the movie Grease from 1978, there’s a memorable moment where Danny bets he can win a race with his car, Greased Lightening. And in Trading Places, which came out in 1983, there’s a famous scene where two characters make a bet for just $1. These iconic scenes highlight the idea of gambling movies, even though the main topic is not about that.

However, Digital Whiskers did their research very carefully to provide a complete list of the best streaming TV shows and movies about gambling. Thus, here are their top picks for movies where gambling plays a big role.

1. Casino

It was almost inevitable that the 1995 masterpiece, Casino, would find its place among our top recommendations. Directed by the acclaimed Martin Scorsese, this is a real masterpiece that portrays gambling on screen.

With famous names like Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone, this movie has its inspiration from the true story of a mob enforcer and a casino executive.

The film immerses viewers in the real Las Vegas casino world from the start, which makes Casino one of the best movies about gambling ever created.

2. Oceans 11

The entire cinematic saga Oceans (Oceans 8, Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen) has made more than $1.416 billion since it started in 2001. Ocean’s 11, focusing on Danny Ocean, is a classic crime tale where a group tries to steal money from three big casinos in Las Vegas.

The movie includes so many A-listers, making it exciting for those who appreciate a film with several famous names in the industry. The film is also full of plot twists that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Thus, if you like movies about gambling and heists, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

3. Rounders

Rounders, a 1998 film, is extremely popular among certain viewers, reaching cult status. This late 90s movie tells the story of a reformed gambler who is forced to play again to help his friend repay a $15,000 debt to a loan shark.

The main character is interpreted by a very young Matt Damon, who does an excellent job of delivering an impeccable interpretation.

At that time, many critics compared his performance with the early career of Paul Newman in The Hustler. This comparison only shows how good Damon’s interpretation is.

4. Casino Royale

It’s impossible to create a list of the best gambling TV shows and movies without mentioning the epic Casino Royale. This masterpiece came out in 2006, and it follows James Bond’s story as he faces off against the greatest villain, Le Chiffre, in a high-stakes poker game.

This is the movie that marked Daniel Craig’s debut as the famous Agent 007, and he literally captivated worldwide audiences with his performance. The film was a real hit, making over $616 million worldwide.

5. Cracker

While the big screen may have a significant budget, there are also excellent gambling TV series popular among viewers worldwide. Those passionate about casino games and all their perks, like no deposit bonus codes, will definitely enjoy Cracker.

This TV show, from 1993, follows the story of Dr Edward ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald, a brilliant yet flawed criminal psychologist.

Set in Manchester, England, the series reveals Fitz’s intense psychological profiling to solve crimes. His unconventional methods often clash with authorities, showcasing his complex relationships with colleagues and family.

Each episode tells a different crime story while highlighting Fitz’s struggles with addiction, relationships, and his own inner demons.

Robbie Coltrane is one who portrays this anti-hero brilliantly, captivating audiences’ world with his performance. Thanks to him, the series became a landmark in British television.

Other Gambling TV Series We Recommend

As mentioned, gambling is one of the most attractive topics for movies and TV series. It works well with drama, comedy, and other genres. If Cracker is already on your watch list, we also have other recommendations for you:

· Luck: David Milch tapped into his own battles with gambling addiction to create what some say is one of HBO’s top dramas ever. Milch says his addiction was like an expensive learning period for him, and you can see that in the gripping portrayal of the horse racing scene, featuring an outstanding cast.

· Stan Lee’s Lucky Man: Think about being able to control luck. What would you do if you could? That’s what this interesting show, created by the famous Stan Lee, is all about. It stars the well-known comedian, James Nesbitt. In Lucky Man, we follow the story of a smart but troubled cop who struggles with drinking and gambling. But being “lucky” isn’t always a good thing for him – sometimes it causes problems.

· Big Deal: This is a classic British comedy/drama following the story of Robbie Box, a heavy gambler. The show feels like a real-life story from the 1970s, with old-fashioned wallpaper and people playing

· Tilt: This series is about a bunch of pro poker players trying to beat a famous gambler called Don ‘The Matador’ Everest. Each player has their own reasons for wanting to beat him. Will any of them succeed?

Final Words

If you’re passionate about TV shows and movies with a strong focus on gaming, we hope our recommendations will work for you.

Gambling stories make an excellent topic for drama, comedy, crime, and lots of other genres. Did you like our list of the best gambling movies and TV shows? Is your favourite one on there?

If not, maybe you discovered some new suggestions that caught your interest. All in all, we hope that you enjoyed and if you ever start playing, remember to do it responsibly.

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