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nanocosmos sets new standards for real-time video streaming

April 11, 2024

The latest iteration of their live streaming platform nanoStream Cloud integrates updates across the spectrum for sub-second latency, ensuring seamless integration for businesses.

Oliver Lietz, CEO nanocosmos, highlights the commitment to make real-time video streaming easy for interactive business use cases on a global scale.

“We received great industry recognition with the BaM Award last year, and a lot of positive feedback from our customers about the quality, reliability, and ease of use of our live streaming platform nanoStream Cloud. They say it simply works and that’s why they rely on it” says Lietz. This is shown in a recent case study with our client Twebcast, a premium event platform. Twebcast integrates our solution for corporate streaming with ultra-low latency for audience interaction, enabling seamless delivery to 20,000 simultaneous viewers worldwide and smooth playback across all devices and bandwidths, compliant with European privacy rules (GDPR).”

Still focusing on live events, Lietz says the company is following industry trends to ensure customers can get the best workflows for their media. With the recent partnership between nanocosmos and BirdDog remote production just got easier: BirdDog’s Cloud solution is now offering access to real-time video streaming with nanoStream Cloud. This combines BirdDog’s remote production capabilities with nanoStream Cloud’s ultra-low latency streaming, perfect for auctions, iGaming, and live events.

“Regarding our product development, we continue to improve and bring new features to help our customers accomplish the highest quality of service and experience for their audiences”, says Lietz. The latest nanoStream Cloud updates include a new player with improved latency. They ensure compatibility across different platforms, including the adoption of full support for the latest media streaming and playback technology on iOS (Managed Media Source Extension). New protocols such as QUIC, HTTP3, and WebTransport are also shown at NAB.

The latest upgrade to nanoStream Webcaster, Version 6, guarantees stability throughout the entire workflow with WebRTC and WHIP ingests. The webcaster server infrastructure also receives an upgrade to offer improved streaming experience, reducing latency on its way.

Responding to the increased demand of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, nanocosmos has introduced an analytics API for SRT ingest monitoring. This empowers customers to optimise the initial mile of live video data transmission, ensuring unparalleled reliability.

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