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Ellsberger named ETSI Director-General

April 18, 2024

During their 83rd General Assembly, ETSI members elected the ETSI Director-General Jan Ellsberger with a majority on the third ballot. ETSI’s Director-General is elected for a five-year term of office, which may be extended by the members for a further three years.

From 1995 to 1998 Ellsberger worked as a permanent expert and was responsible for ETSI’s relations with ITU-T secretariat, SG.10 and SG.11 related to formal methodologies for standards development and was also responsible for piloting and introducing methodologies for the development of INAP/CAMEL, TETRA, and ISDN standards and development of methodologies for standards conformance test suites.

Ellsberger has over 30 years of experience in standardisation and was for 12 years leading Ericsson’s global standardisation operations in his capacity as Vice President Industry and Technology. More recently, he has worked as a Board Advisor, advising clients and partners on industry trends in the automotive and ICT sectors, and was Vice President Industry Development and Standardisation Officer Automotive at Huawei.

Ellsberger commented: “I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the members of ETSI for entrusting me with this prestigious role, and I am committed to lead with transparency and to work closely with all members to further strengthen ETSI”.

Ellsberger succeeds Luis Jorge Romero who has served thirteen successful years as Director General. Romero said: “The ETSI community has adapted and prospered in difficult times for international cooperation – notably through a Worldwide pandemic which necessitated some clear thinking and a new approach from ETSI and our partners. I am proud to have been at the helm of ETSI and I wish Jan good fortune and success in this unique and rewarding role”.

ETSI provides members with an open and inclusive environment to support the timely development, ratification and testing of globally applicable standards for ICT-enabled systems, applications and services across all sectors of industry and society. ETSI is one of only three bodies officially recognised by the EU as a European Standards Organisation (ESO).

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