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Idris and Sabrina Elba release new podcast

April 18, 2024

Audible, a provider of spoken word entertainment, has released, Halfway, starring Patricia Allison, Sir Lenny Henry, George MacKay, Arinzé Kene and a full ensemble cast. The sci-fi thriller, written by Imeldha Eloni and Michael Honnah and directed by Holly Reddaway, examines a world in which AI is used to recreate the personalities of deceased loved ones for profit.

Halfway is the first audio drama executive produced by Idris and Sabrina Elba with S’ABLE Labs, from the scripted development project between the Elba’s and Audible, which sought to discover and support underrepresented writers.   

The series begins with Florence, played by Patricia Allison, who is consumed by grief following the death of her brother, Mark (Arinzé Kene).  A year after being declared as missing, Mark is uploaded to Halfway, a service that aims to provide closure, consolation and comfort to those grieving their deceased using synthetic AI technology, at a cost. 

Florence believes his disappearance is connected to the global tech corporation and its subsidiary – Halfway. Florence uses the synthetic version of her brother to help discover what happened to him. Together, the two uncover the disturbing truth about Halfway, its web of corruption and the murder conspiracy they are desperately trying to cover up.

Halfway was created by writers Imeldha Eloni and Michael Honnah and directed by Holly Reddaway with Original Music and Sound Design by Axel Kacoutié, underpinned by a Dolby Atmos mix by Kurt Martinez at Dean Street Studios.

Idris and Sabrina Elba shared: “We’re both incredibly passionate about elevating the voices of underrepresented talent, which was at the core of what we wanted to do with this project and Audible. Imeldha Eloni and Michael Honnah have created an incredible story which was an absolute joy for us to Executive Produce. At S’ABLE Labs, partnership is one of our core pillars, which was at the root of everything the team did with Halfway. With music from Axel Kacoutié, direction from Holly Reddaway and all brought to life with an incredible acting performance from the cast, Halfway is a truly collaborative project and we can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Writers of Halfway, Imeldha Eloni and Michael Honnah, said: “Halfway was a grand concept that we both wanted to explore together as writers. Audible and S’ABLE Labs supported and championed us to adventure with all of our original ideas. We were encouraged to push the boat out and make something that was cinematic for the ears. As a result, Halfway is an incredibly rich, grounded sci-fi from a particular black British perspective. It draws on real-world issues and we are excited to have created a story that discusses the social consumption of tech and how human relationships have become reliant on technology as it evolves into more advanced forms like AI.”

Halfway joins a host of compelling Audible Original dramas including Username: Resurgent (Digital Spy: “10 episodes of twists and turns”) and The Nox (Financial Times: “the series is smartly written and brims with claustrophobic tension”). 

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