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Consult Red enables containerised applications on RDK-B for HUMAX Networks

April 23, 2024

Consult Red, a technology pioneer for intelligent devices and systems, has announced a collaboration with HUMAX Networks to enable Downloadable Application Container (DAC) functionality, running the Plume OpenSync application, on its GPON Wi-Fi 6 routers.
DAC provides a secure, fast and flexible solution to remotely deploy and manage native applications and services on a router stack. Containerised applications and services can either run independently or communicate with other RDK-B components at runtime via direct integration to the RDK-B message bus (RBUS), leveraging RDK messaging and eventing.
HUMAX Networks has several routers, modems and other broadband devices, deployed in multiple markets, largely based on Linux software platforms. Through this recent collaboration with Consult Red, it has been able to integrate demonstrable lifecycle-managed, containerised applications, after initially bringing up the RDK-B software stack on its hardware platform.
This initiative has accelerated HUMAX Networks’ ability to meet the needs of European communication service providers, with its flexible, cost-effective and future-proof platform for broadband delivery.
Harsha Imrapur, Chief Commercial Officer, Consult Red, said: “The Smart Router, and the containerisation technology that underpins it, are key innovations for the modular and efficient management of the software that powers future broadband connectivity. As a provider of solutions for the entire RDK community, including operators, OEMs, SoC developers and application publishers, we are proud to work with HUMAX Networks to enable its technology and market aspirations.”
James Kim, Head of EMEA Business, HUMAX Networks, added: “We recognised the market opportunity for our advanced broadband devices to be RDK enabled and capable of utilising DAC functionality for the modular development and deployment of apps and services. Consult Red was the logical choice of partner due to its background and technical leadership in both RDK platform development and the implementation of containerised applications and services.”
The HUMAX Networks GPON Wi-Fi 6 platform, running OpenSync on RDK-B will be demonstrated for the first time at the RDK Tech Summit 2024 in Amsterdam (23-24 April).

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