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Best educational TV shows for students

May 9, 2024

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Or perhaps you’ve heard the proverb: “Seeing is believing.” Research has shown that seeing is remembering, too. People generally remember about twice as much when they see and hear something than when they only see or hear it. Visual evidence can be more convincing than descriptions or explanations alone. Therefore, television’s combination of sound and imagery makes it a powerful learning aid. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences further supports the learning benefits of television’s “mixed message.” We can confidently say that television’s several modes provide multiple entry points into content, thus offering greater accommodation to the many intelligences in a diverse group of students.

Many TV shows stand out for their ability to blend information with entertainment seamlessly. These shows are carefully crafted to enhance the viewer’s understanding and retention of facts, often using storytelling and visual aids. These programmes are beneficial for students looking to improve their academic skills and broaden their knowledge. They can be as beneficial as placing an essay order with a tutor or professional writing services. Like TV shows, these writing services provide structured learning and academic assistance to help students broaden their understanding of complex subjects. Recognising the best educational TV shows can help students, educators, and parents facilitate learning and foster academic and creative growth.

It’s no surprise that television has long been a medium that combines entertainment with education. This medium creates an engaging way to learn new concepts and explore various subjects. Historically, educational TV shows have played a significant role in classrooms and at home, offering students from preschool to college an alternative way to understand complex topics. In Europe, educational media content was already a part of the mission of the BBC when, in 1924, it started its national radio broadcasting to schools, allowing British citizens to access educational content. Today, shows like Sesame Street for younger audiences and Cosmos for older students have made learning accessible and enjoyable.

Best Education TV Shows for Students

You may have watched an educational TV show. Or maybe you learned something from a television program but didn’t think it was educational content. Besides, we often think of educational TV shows as primarily for children. Shows have long been a cornerstone for enhancing the learning experience outside the traditional classroom environment. For college and university students, these programs can be particularly valuable. They enhance your understanding of complex subjects, provide insightful perspectives on global issues, and stimulate intellectual discussions. The following list of TV shows represents a selection of the finest educational content.

1. Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

This series was developed to bring back the foundation of science to network television at the height of other scientific-based television series and films. Hosted by the charismatic Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey is a visually stunning and intellectually stimulating series that explores the mysteries of the universe. So, how is it educative? Each episode is a journey through space and time that blends historical elements with cutting-edge science to reveal the grandeur of the cosmos. It encourages critical thinking and awe of the natural world, making it a perfect complement to science curriculums.

2. Planet Earth II

This breathtaking series from the BBC showcases the beauty and brutality of nature. It’s a 2016 British nature documentary series produced by the BBC as a sequel to Planet Earth broadcast in 2006. With its high-definition footage, the show provides an up-close look at the lives of animals and ecosystems worldwide. Who doesn’t like wildlife documentaries? It’s an educational tool highlighting biodiversity, the environment, and the importance of conservation efforts. We recommend it because it aligns well with biology and environmental science studies.

3. The History of Rome

Rome was founded around 625 BC in the areas of ancient Italy known as Etruria and Latium. It’s thought that the city-state of Rome was initially formed by Latium villagers joining together with settlers from the surrounding hills in response to an Etruscan invasion. Imagine discovering such fascinating facts through a vivid and engaging motion picture. How would that feel? This series offers a comprehensive look into the rise and fall of one of history’s greatest empires through narratives and detailed analyses. It’s one of the best since it helps history students connect the dots between past events and modern political and social structures. It is as informative as it is captivating. And what’s more is that it provides a solid foundation in classical education.

4. Abstract: The Art of Design

Most educational TV series are subject-specific. While some delve into history, like The History of Rome mentioned above, others center on art and design. Abstract: The Art of Design is a Netflix original documentary series highlighting artists in the field of design. Simply put, it focuses on the art and science of design. The series features some of the most innovative designers in various disciplines, including graphic, automotive, and architectural design. It is the kind of film that inspires creativity and gives insight into the problem-solving processes and the impact of design on everyday life. It’s a must-watch series for art and design students.

5. The Brain with David Eagleman

It’s one of the best educational TV shows ever. Neuroscientist David Eagleman guides viewers through the complexities of the human brain. By exploring how the brain constructs reality, this motion picture enhances understanding of psychology, neurology, and human behaviour, which are crucial for students in related fields. We will leave it at that so you can go check it out.

6. Chef’s Table

Many people like to eat, but few want and know how to prepare food. This series offers more than just a look into the culinary world. It illustrates the creativity and dedication behind some of the world’s most renowned chefs. It’s a study of passion, innovation, and excellence that can motivate students in hospitality, culinary arts, and business programmes.

7. Shark Tank

If you’re an entrepreneur, this series is a must-watch for you. While it might appear as merely an entertainment series, Shark Tank provides real-world lessons in entrepreneurship, business strategies, and negotiation. Watching potential business owners pitch their ideas can be incredibly educational for students in business and economics. The series provides insights into what makes a business succeed or fail.

Watch and Learn!

TV series have a vital role in terms of their influence on the audience. As a student, incorporating these educational TV shows into your study routine can significantly enrich your learning experience. The TV shows highlighted herein are among the best. The list is not exhaustive. Educational films tend to be subject-specific. We are sure you can easily find one that’s very insightful in your specialisation. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a science enthusiast, a budding historian, or an aspiring designer. There is an informative film for you out there. These programmes offer insights that textbooks alone may not provide.

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