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Orlando Bloom

Deep Cover coming to Prime Video

Prime Video will launch a new UK Original Movie, Deep Cover. The British action comedy features an all-star cast including: Bryce Dallas Howard, Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, Nick Mohammed, Ian McShane, Paddy Considine and Sonoya Mizuno. The film sees three improv actors hired by the police to help stage low-level stings. Production begins on February […]

February 2, 2024

Gran Turismo cast shares Moments Worth Paying For

Pro-copyright consumer education body The Industry Trust for IP Awareness’s Moments Worth Paying For campaign is presenting an exclusive message for UK and Irish audiences from the cast of Gran Turismo ahead of its release only in cinemas on August 9th 2023. In the exclusive and brand-new content, David Harbour, Orlando Bloom and Archie Madekwe […]

July 14, 2023By Colin Mann