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Spanish police in major piracy takedown

Agents from Spain’s Policía Nacional (National Police), in a joint operation with Europol, have dismantled a criminal network that allegedly distributed audiovisual content illegally to more than 500,000 users in several European countries. The four individuals arrested operated from Malaga and used various web pages to advertise subscription packages made up of more than 2,600 […]

November 17, 2022By Colin Mann

Spanish Police take down pirate service

The Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional) has dismantled a large criminal network illegally distributing audio-visual content in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and laundering the criminal proceeds. The investigation, supported by Europol and Eurojust, also involved law enforcement authorities from Belgium, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, the United […]

June 11, 2020By Colin Mann