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BBC: Ads on news site

August 3, 2007

The BBC is adding commercials to broadband video news clips on its BBC News web site when viewed outside the UK. In a message to web site visitors, the BBC said the technical quality of the video was being improved for overseas users “so that anyone anywhere in the world with a high speed internet connection can watch the BBC’s news reports in broadband quality”.

Until now this has only been possible for users in the UK, said the message. “We did not want the BBC’s UK licence fee payers meeting this cost and in effect subsidising the service for people outside the UK. Now, with the help of our partners in BBC World, the BBC’s commercially funded international TV news channel, we are making our broadband video news service available internationally. BBC World is funded by advertising and subscription revenue and the cost of the improved video service will be met by advertising around the broadband news clips. So if you are viewing video from outside the UK you may see a short commercial before your clip plays.”

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