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Internet TV set for acceptance

October 16, 2007

In the modern-day media age, consumers are being afforded more choice and control when it comes to content. Whether it’s PVRs, User Generated Content, or TV shows online, the market has fundamentally started the process of 'unbundling television/video entertainment', and this redistribution of control will likely come to dominate the overall consumer landscape in years to come, reports research firm In-Stat in its study – Internet TV Market Strategic Analysis.

In addition, according to an In-Stat survey of US consumers, when it comes to online video, despite a stratification by age, these trends appear more endemic than unique to the under 25 crowd. Respondents who watch online video were equally bullish on the future of online video, in many cases expecting said forms of entertainment to become more mainstream over time. “A testament to the significance these trends pose to all members within the value chain,” noted Michael Inouye, In-Stat analyst. “And just like music, these shifts appear far more entrenched than a simple fad, additional reason to strategically review this evolving market and the new levers they bring.”

In-Stat also discovered that respondents to an In-Stat survey felt online video will become more mainstream over time; social networking aspects are starting to play an important part on how the newer generation wants to watch and interact with TV, and that primary detractors for online video continue to be download speed, user interface, cost, and quality of video (both visual and content).

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