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UK leans on ISPs over illegal downloads

February 25, 2008

The UK government is to consult on legislation to punish Internet service providers if they fail to take action against the illegal downloading of music, films and TV programmes. The culture secretary, Andy Burnham, made the proposal as part of a strategy paper designed to support the UK’s creative industries

The government has already said it wants to copy France's 'three strikes' anti piracy rules and now wants to force ISPs to implement it. Illegal downloading legislation could be introduced by April next year. However, the government said it is still aiming to come to a voluntary agreement with ISPs on how to better protect the intellectual property of entertainment and media companies. Rights holders back the plan while ISPs point out it is impractical and, currently, illegal to investigate what customers are downloading.

Meantime the government is aiming to “make the UK a global leader in the arts, media and advertising” through initiatives including the creation of thousands of new apprenticeships and the launch of a Davos-style world creative business conference.

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