Advanced Television

57% of UK viewers time-shift TV content

May 22, 2008

Redback Networks, an Ericsson company that makes video-centric routers, has released results of a nationwide survey in the UK, measuring the popularity of on-demand TV and Internet video.

In a survey of 2168 online adults, the Redback sponsored research showed that more than half of UK residents (57 per cent) watch up to 10 hours or more of on-demand TV or recorded TV each week. This is TV that either supplements or replaces broadcast TV viewing. The same survey also found that women watched more on-demand or recorded TV than men (58 per cent vs. 55 per cent). Seniors (55+) and young adults (18-24) watched the most on-demand or recorded TV (60 per cent); 25-34 year-olds watched the least (51 per cent).

The most common methods for recording programmes in the UK were Sky+ (22 per cent), personal video recorders, and VHS machines (27 per cent). On demand services are also used for later recorded viewing. 11 per cent use on demand TV services, whilst 16 per cent use Internet catch up services, such as the BBC iPlayer.

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