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Oz/NZ broadband pushes out TV

May 22, 2008

People living in Australia and New Zealand with broadband spend more time on the net than they do watching television, a survey has found. The survey of 864 Australians and 219 New Zealanders, conducted for networking company Cisco, has found each person spends an average of 22 hours a week on the internet and 14 hours watching TV.

“Broadband consumers are using the internet to access video information in ever-increasing numbers and it is up to Australian and New Zealand media and service providers to adapt to that change,” Cisco vice president Les Williamson said.

The survey by international research consultancy Illuminas found that 59 per cent of Internet users watched or downloaded media content from the Internet. Short video clips or music videos were most commonly viewed (by 38 per cent of respondents), followed by news programming (25 per cent). Fifty-one per cent of respondents said they watched video online because it was free and 37 per cent said convenience was an important reason

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