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Sky Brazil introduces pre-paid

July 7, 2008

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Brazilian pay-TV operator Sky is to launch a pre-paid service based on a package of 35 TV channels (8 of them free-to-air) and 46 audio channels.

In order to get “Sky Pré-Pago”, the consumer needs to acquire the basic reception equipment (dish and decoder) for $187 (E120), including installation. One month of viewing is free of charge, after which they can opt for 7-day ($12), 15-day ($19) or 30-day ($31) top-ups. In comparison, Sky's basic “post-paid” package has an equipment and installation charge of $31 plus a monthly subscription of $55.

According to Sky's vice-president for commercial issues, Delfim Moreira, the main target of this new offer are clients who want more channels, but are not prepared to pay for them every month. The operator is confident that the service will help increase the subscriber base by 100.000 people by the end of the year. Currently, Sky has an estimated 1.7 million subscribers, representing 30.3 per cent of the Brazilian pay-TV market (cable operator Net is the market leader with 45.9 per cent).

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