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Tiscali portal launches EPG

July 11, 2008

Tiscali has launched its Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) available through its portal. The EPG is designed to be an essential TV guide and planning resource for users of any digital TV service – including Tiscali's own Tiscali TV, Virgin Media, Freeview and Sky.

The Tiscali guide is the first online listings service to include full details of over 170 channels and TV content available through on-demand channels like 4OD, giving viewers the chance to search through listings of every TV show or film stored on each.

The guide enables users to personalise the service to the channels and features they are most interested in. Users can select the channels they want to view, set reminders, pick favourite shows and receive recommendations based on their personal preferences. The service also includes interactive elements allowing users to rate programmes and comment on them.

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