Advanced Television

Freeview ';biggest impact'

August 12, 2008

Of the 2,046 viewers polled, 35 per cent picked Freeview as their most important TV innovation over the last decade, closely followed by PVRs at 22 per cent. Mobile TV received no votes from consumers, reinforcing the view held by many TV execs polled (31 per cent) that mobile TV has had the most muted impact on the television industry.

Howard Davies, Deloitte media partner, noted that the television industry had benefited from tremendous technological advances over the past few years, but pointed out that viewers had little desire for the fundamental way in which they watch television to change. "The majority of viewers still want high-quality, scheduled content. Whilst choice is desired, in the form of hundreds of channels and PVRs, choosing is less commonplace," he said.

Only 10 per cent of viewers felt that wide-screen TVs have had the greatest impact on how they consume television while only two per cent of respondents regarded HD broadcast as the most important technology.

The technological innovations that have attempted to alter traditional viewing behaviour are much less popular, suggests the survey. Interactivity via the red button and Internet TV were chosen by only seven per cent respectively of the viewers polled. However, this view was not held by 18 to 24-year-olds, 18 per cent of whom said that Internet TV has had the most impact on their consumption, 11 % higher then average

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