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Nuts TV loyalty card

September 17, 2008

Turner Broadcasting has become the first broadcaster to strike a deal with MiCard to create an interactive loyalty card scheme for lads channel Nuts TV, MiCard is a viewer relationship management (VRM) scheme with the infrastructure to create a Nuts TV branded loyalty environment called "Nuts Loyalty". This is the first time that a third party has utilised the second slot in the Sky set top box to create a loyalty card scheme. Once viewers receive their Nuts TV branded loyalty card they are invited to insert it into the interactive slot in their Sky set top box and an interactive application, developed using the Ensequence On Q tool set, triggers a series of ';call to action' instructions on screen.

MiCard has agreed exclusive deals with brands such as Kitbag, Just Eat, and Dixons and viewers are able to redeem points earned whilst they watch to access them. Earned points are stored on the card's memory chip and converted to a digital voucher once a designated points level has been reached. In order to redeem points against prizes and discounts, viewers go online and enter the voucher code. The scheme is anticipated to generate a substantial data source, as well as new revenue streams for Nuts TV.


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