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Google: give us white space

September 26, 2008

Google co-founder Larry Page called on the Federal Communications Commission to give companies unlicensed access to television airwaves before the November election. Page also said the multiple rounds of tests conducted by FCC engineers are highly unusual, and he accused broadcasters and wireless microphone manufacturers who oppose the proposal of creating unneeded controversy.Broadcasters and wireless microphone manufacturers are concerned that the mobile devices Google and other companies want to build on static channels will cause interference with their signals.Access to the vacant TV channels, sometimes called "white spaces," is a top priority for Google and other technology giants such as Microsoft, Dell and Motorola."All the FCC needs to say is that we will allow people to use the spectrum in an unlicensed way if their devices don’t interfere. Literally, that one sentence, that’s all that needs to be said," Page said at a briefing sponsored by the Wireless Innovation Alliance, a coalition lobbying for access to the empty channels.

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