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Alcatel-Lucent targeted IPTV advertising

October 1, 2008

Alcatel-Lucent is introducing a new advertising delivery solution for IPTV networks that can enhance the TV ad model by enabling service providers to distribute ads to distinct groups of consumers. Alcatel-Lucent’s Targeted and Interactive IPTV Advertising Solution is designed to increase IPTV revenue by making it possible for advertisers to reach the most attractive potential customers with ads that are more timely and relevant, as well as better measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. The solution also offers a variety of interactivity features that enable consumers to view additional information about products that interest them.The Targeted and Interactive IPTV Advertising Solution gives IPTV operators the ability to insert ads into TV programs that are aimed at particular communities of interest and even specific households. These ads are delivered using anonymous subscriber profiles based on service usage and demographic data authorised via an ‘opt in’ process and retained in a secure, privacy-protected repository by the service provider.….

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