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UK STB sales on the up

October 10, 2008

Volume sales of Set Top Boxes grew to 4.9 million in the year ending April 2008 in the UK, increasing from 4.1 million the previous year. Value sales also grew significantly from £169.1 million (E225m) to £172.9 million over the same period according to GfK Retail and Technology.

The largest sub-sector within this product area, Digital STBs without a Hard Disc Drive, grew to 4.3 million units in the year ending April 2008 – a 17.8 per cent increase when compared to the previous year. Over the same period, average prices of these devices have fallen from £31 to £24 and this has inevitably exerted downward pressure on value sales, which fell from £155.7 million to £104.9 million.

Digital STBs with a Hard Disc Drive experienced strong growth in the year ending April 2008. Volume sales grew to 473,000 units whilst value sales grew to £50.5 million. When compared to the year ending April 2007, these figures represented increases of 90.7 per cent and 44.2 per cent respectively.

Looking ahead, the run up to the digital switchover should help to catalyse sales of Set Top Boxes, and given the popularity of smaller LCD TVs for use in the kitchen and bedroom, many of which do not feature a digital tuner, the need for a secondary Set Top Box within the home will also help strengthen sales.

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