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TV search saves viewers a week a year

November 11, 2008

According to a survey of nearly 2000 UK digital TV viewers, commissioned by Microsoft-s Connected TV Business, over a quarter of digital viewers (27 per cent) still rely on flicking through all the channels to choose what to watch, wasting more than one week per year channel surfing.

On average, digital viewers in the UK spend between two and three hours each day watching TV yet typically up to a quarter of that time is actually spent deciding what to watch. This adds up to over 3.5 hours each week spent channel surfing – over seven days per year. Despite this time investment, three quarters of digital viewers (73 per cent) say they still miss programmes they would have liked to watch because they find it difficult or time consuming to find out what‚s on. A further one in eight (14 per cent) say they often stumble across a great programme or series only to find they have missed the start or earlier episodes.

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