Advanced Television

Consumers will accept new forms of advertising

November 19, 2008

IBM’s second global online survey of consumer digital media and entertainment habits revealed that consumers are adopting digital content services — such as social networking and videos – on mobile phones and personal computers at an accelerated pace, and it is impacting traditional consumption habits.

The survey, which was conducted with 2,800 people in six countries – Australia, Germany, India, Japan, the UK and the US – also shows that people are willing to get personal with advertisers by sharing information about themselves if it results in targeted incentives that match their lifestyle. This presents companies with significant advertising revenue opportunities among today’s informed and empowered consumers.

“With the rise of Web 2.0, millions of people can instantly create, publish and consume content. In order to survive, advertisers must understand how to reach their target audiences across multiple devices,” said Dick Anderson, General Manager, IBM Media & Entertainment. “Knowing distinct consumer segment preferences and delivering consistent content and messaging are essential for long-term success.”

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