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Web TV transforms TV habits

December 11, 2008

One in seven quizzed for the ITV survey into changing TV habits said that the increase in TV available online means they'll argue less about what to watch on Christmas Day.

The survey shows that for many viewers the TV is far from the only way to watch shows, with 40 per cent claiming to watch on a computer, laptop or handheld device. The desktop computer is the favoured way of watching on-demand content via the web (65 per cent), closely followed by the laptop (50 per cent).

In terms of where TV is watched, the living room comes out on top among those who watch TV on a laptop (67 per cent), but the bedroom is not far behind, favoured by 55 per cent of respondents. A large number of respondents (39 per cent) also said they watch TV on a laptop while in the same room as they are watching something else on the TV.

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