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Tudou sued for copyright infringement

January 7, 2009

Over 80 copyright holders including video portal, film distributor PolyBona Film, and record label Orange Sky Entertainment have formed an anti-piracy alliance, and are suing China's largest video-sharing site Tudou.

In May 2008, filed suit against Tudou for unauthorised use of its video content, which Tudou resolved in November with an out-of-court settlement that included compensation to In 2008, Tudou was repeatedly brought to court on copyright infringement charges for the unauthorszed use of hundreds of films and television series. In September last year, it launched its Hei Dou (“Black Bean”) HD channel dedicated to broadcasting authorised content. Gary Wang, CEO of Tudou, stated that the site is now developing a new copyright verification system that will address copyright issues stemming from the upload of unauthorised content by users.

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