Advanced Television

ZillionTV, the hardware Hulu?

March 5, 2009

ZillionTV is hoping to do for the set-top box market what Hulu has done for the PC. The startup, backed with content and investments from ABC/Disney, Fox, NBC/Universal, Sony and Warner Bros., has announced plans to offer ISPs a set-top box that will stream content to subscriber’s TVs. Customers will have the option to rent or buy movies or TV shows, or watch the show for free, with advertisements.

The service will be run entirely as an on-demand offering, allowing users to buy and watch content as they choose. Users will pay $50 for the box, , tacking on per-show and per-movie fees as they purchase them. ISP’s will split revenues from consumer purchases, and make money upselling consumers.

The set-top box features a unique Nintendo Wii-like motion-sensing remote control used to highlight options on the screen. The device is slated for a fourth quarter release this tear.

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