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Sky Movies 'unwatched'

March 6, 2009

A fifth of subscribers to Sky Movies – at least 891,000 UK households – hadn't watched a single movie on the service in an entire month, according to a YouGov survey on subscription movie viewing habits conducted on behalf of BT Vision.

50 per cent of Sky customers surveyed spend more than £45 (E50.6) on their monthly TV subscription service, with 63 per cent of people who subscribe to a bundle of Sky services paying more than £50 a month for their services. However, 49 per cent of respondents had only watched three or fewer movies in the previous month, with well over half (59 per cent) saying that they had watched fewer movies on Sky movies 1 or Sky movies 2 than they had expected to when they signed up.

When asked why they didn't watch as many movies as they expected, 50 per cent said that the movies weren't of interest, with 15 per cent confirming that the movies weren't playing at the times they wanted to watch them.

The survey shows 71 per cent of respondents agreeing that they would rather watch movies on demand when they want to see them rather than when the broadcasters have scheduled them. This suggests a dramatic change in the way people want to watch movies.


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