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DTG to launch 3DTV consultation

March 11, 2009

The DTG it is to conduct the UK’s first industry consultation into three-dimensional TV (3DTV). The consultation, which will open later this month, will ask the DTG membership of over 125 digital television broadcasters, platform operators, manufacturers and other stakeholders for their views on the technological feasibility and viability of 3DTV, and for their views on key interoperability issues.

Commenting on the consultation, DTG Director General Richard Lindsay-Davies said: “Some industry observers regard 3DTV as a natural, evolutionary next step for high-definition television (HDTV). However, numerous challenges exist across the value chain, from image acquisition, storage and post-production, to distribution, reception and display. These challenges need to be understood and overcome in order to make 3DTV a feasible and viable consumer proposition.”

The DTG’s 3DTV consultation will be conducted in conjunction with independent media consultant Lovelace Consulting.

Meanwhile, DTG has published the 6th edition of the 'D-Book', the detailed interoperability specification for UK Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). The latest edition has been updated to incorporate the specification for next-generation DVB-T2 services, which will enable the launch of four free-to air high definition (HD) channels on the Freeview platform by late 2009.


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