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Half of Britons choose VOD

March 23, 2009

Video on demand services have now been used by half the population of Britain, with millions of viewers claiming to use the service every month, according to a survey, commissioned by industry regulator ATVOD, which shows that 50 per cent of the population have used on-demand services, with 20 per cent using them every week. Release of the findings coincides with the launch of a new consumer awareness campaign from ATVOD (the Association for Television On Demand).

With 76 per cent of the population now being aware of video on demand, the way we view is also rapidly evolving, with the continued emergence of the laptop as a popular, portable option. Viewing is across a range of platforms with 48 per cent of those using on demand services watching through their TV, 41 per cent through PCs, while almost a third (30 per cent) now use laptops.

The research also shows what people think about how VOD should be regulated. The survey findings showed that 87 per cent thought that either the individual should self-regulate their viewing, or that responsibility should be shared between the individual and a regulator. The main areas where people want help is in being informed about the content of a programme e.g. bad language, swearing and violence (53 per cent) and in protecting children from unsuitable content (52 per cent).

Elizabeth Filkin, Chairman of ATVOD, said the findings proved that video on demand is flourishing in the UK, and that the body was ready to take responsibility for ensuring content standards for on demand television and to work out the details of the new co regulatory arrangements.

Andy Burnham, Culture Secretary noted that millions of people were already using video-on-demand services as an easy and convenient way of accessing content, and their popularity will continue to grow. "Viewers need to have trust in the services they are using and I welcome ATVOD’s new awareness campaign that will help media consumers to access guidance and advice. We should be doing all we can to maintain the UK’s position as a world leader in this area as we head towards a digital age, he said.

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