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Grass Valley eyes mobile and future ownership

April 22, 2009

From Colin Mann in Las Vegas

Despite its impending separation from parent company Thomson, Grass Valley is upholding its intentions to be active across a range of platforms by revealing a complete ATSC-M/H broadcasting solution, designed to give broadcasters and service providers a one-stop shop for test and evaluation solutions which can go on to provide a full commercial offering.

ATSC-M/H is the new standard for broadcasting to mobile and handheld receivers currently under deliberation with the Advanced Television Systems Committee. The solution involves a new ATSC-M/H software module for the ADAPT-IV digital exciter which is incorporated in the Elite, DCX Paragon, and DCX Millennium transmitter families.

"The ATSC proposals focus on compatibility with existing digital television transmissions," said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley, who added that Grass Valley had been able to develop robust solutions which were fully compatible with the emerging standard, fully compatible with existing broadcast systems, and fully compatible with today's tight budgets.

Rosica revealed that there had been "a number of serious enquiries" that were being pursued as part of the sale process since Thomson announced in late January that it would divest Grass Valley. Speculation has been rife as to who might acquire the company, with Harris thought the most likely, because the company could possibly afford it, though much of Harris’ product line overlaps with Grass Valley’s.

The company's product development plans were unaffected by the process, with Rosica noting that customers were still continuing to place large orders, which he described as "a vote of confidence in the business's future, noted that in its 50-year history, Grass Valley had undergone a number of changes in ownership.


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