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Sky long form ‘Green Button’ advertising

April 28, 2009

To extend the range of creative opportunities available to brands through TV advertising, Sky is launching Green Button advertising, a service which allows viewers to easily watch and access extended – or long form‚ advertising. Built on the same underlying technology as the Green Button programme reminder service, advertisers will be able to encourage viewers to press the Green Button on their Sky remote to book longer-form content into their Sky Guide or to record content onto their Sky PVR.

Through the Green Button, viewers will be offered the opportunity of watching extended versions of ads, finding out more about particular products or services, or accessing related behind-the-scenes or exclusive footage. Green Button content can range from 2 minutes to 2 hours and the service even allows for the series-linking of advertising content, for those brands wishing to create episodic advertising.

Each piece of advertiser created programming will be made available to Sky homes with standard digi boxes twice a day – viewers will be prompted with an on-screen reminder to watch a selected ad when it becomes available . In 4.6 million Sky+ homes, viewers will have the opportunity to have the ad stored on their Sky+ planner for playback at a time of their choosing.



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