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Canvas responds to Sky criticism

May 13, 2009

The BBC Trust and the companies behind Project Canvas, the proposed video-on-demand joint venture between the BBC, BT and ITV, have replied to BSkyB’s criticisms of the venture (ATV 13/5/09).

Project Canvas said: “The enormous consumer benefits that internet-powered TV can bring should not be restricted to paying customers.

An open, standards-based platform that enables a far greater range of content providers to enter the market will be good for content owners and good for consumers, who gain a subscription-free alternative."

“Freeview and Freesat transformed digital TV, and showed what standards-based platforms can do for audiences and the industry. Canvas has the potential to do the same for the next generation of TV, bringing content on-demand from a huge range of providers into the living room, all for a one-off fee. Access to the Canvas platform would be open to any third-party, including Sky.”

A statement from the BBC Trust said: “In assessing the BBC Executive’s application to join the Project Canvas joint venture, the Trust has followed the processes set out in the BBC’s Charter and Agreement." Sky had attacked the Trust's decision not to hold a full inquiry into the BBC's part in Canvas.

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