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US watching more TV than ever

May 22, 2009

The results of Nielsen's Three Screen Report – a quarterly analysis from Nielsen's Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement initiative show that the average American watches approximately 153 hours of TV every month at home, a 1.2 per cent increase from last year.

In addition, the 131 million Americans who watch video on the Internet watch on average about 3 hours of video online each month at home and work. The 13.4 million Americans who watch video on mobile phones watch on average about 3 hours of mobile video each month.

Nielsen data also shows that consumers time with TV, Internet and Mobile video continues to increase across the board. Online video grew 13 per cent in Q1 2009, driven by both strong brand marketing and large media events.

Mobile video viewing has grown a significant 52 per cent from the previous year, up to 13.4 million Americans. Much of this growth continues to come from increased mobile content and the rise of the mobile web as a viewing option.



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