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Home digital media devices strong growth

May 28, 2009

By 2013, the average household will have 2.5 times as many digital media devices (computing, gaming, digital consumer electronics, portable and mobile wireless devices) in use as in 2008, according to In-Stat.

Accompanying this adoption will be a rise in the number of these devices that are network-enabled, leveraging various wired mediums and wireless technologies, like coax, phone wiring, powerline, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. Networking over wiring that already exists in homes is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly the case among service provider entertainment networks that connect set-top boxes together and to residential gateways.

"Over the next few years, service providers will drive the growth of in-home networks" says Joyce Putscher, In-Stat analyst. "Entertainment networks tie set-top boxes together, enabling additional services, such as whole-home DVR. Providers will encourage more PC home networks by replacing modem-only households with residential gateways."

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