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Streaming will generate $78bn over 6 years

June 18, 2009

Streaming video and music distributed across the Internet, an IPTV network, or a mobile handset will generate more than $78 billion in network-derived and content-derived revenue into the US markets over the next six years, according to a study from The Insight Research Corporation.

The study also estimates the revenue from the various types of content-derived revenues, along with associated advertising revenue. The streaming market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 27 per cent over the next five years, driven by on-demand audio, on-demand video, and the accompanying advertising revenue.

“Over the past seven years as we’ve tracked the developments in streaming it has evolved from an esoteric niche to a mainstream market,” noted Robert Rosenberg, Insight Research president. “What we predicted way back when is coming to fruition. The advertising revenue that long supported traditional TV is gravitating to this new medium, putting downward pressure on traditional TV distribution schemes,” he concluded.

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