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UK Opposition proposes Ofcom changes

July 7, 2009

From Colin Mann in London

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative opposition party in the UK, has suggested that the role of comms regulator Ofcom be considerably slimmed down.

Cameron, who hopes to lead his party to power in the General Election likely in 2010, has suggested that a number of quasi autonomous non-governmental organisations – so-called 'quangos' – be scraped or streamlined to save money and become more accountable. He said Ofcom could be slimmed down by a "huge" amount.

“Give Ofcom, or give a new body, the technical function of handing out the licences and regulating lightly the content that is on the screens,” he added. “But it shouldn’t be making policy, it shouldn’t have its own communications department," he said, pointing out that the head of Ofcom is paid almost half a million pounds.


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