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Internet TV sales to rise six-fold by 2013

September 16, 2009

After more than a dozen years of failing to live up to its promise, web access on the television is finally ready for prime time, with retail sales of Internet-Enabled Televisions (IETVs) set to rise by a factor of six by 2013, according to iSuppli.

The research group predicts worldwide sales of IETVs will rise to 87.6 million units by 2013, up from 14.7 million in 2009.

"With the flat-panel television market being driven by declining prices, brands are looking at ways to differentiate their TV lines from the competition,: said Randy Lawson, senior analyst for DTV and display electronics for iSuppli. Beyond the differentiation factor, the addition of Internet capabilities to television sets by leading TV OEMs represents a unique opportunity for these companies to finally have direct access, and thus additional potential revenue channels, to their end customers.

On the consumer side, iSuppli believes that IETV will emerge as one of the key features that consumers will demand in the coming years.

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