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Nielsen online ratings summit

October 9, 2009

Nielsen has called together 75 of its clients to discuss how to proceed in a possible melding of TV and online audiences.

On the agenda is "'TV Everywhere', 'OnDemand Online' and similar initiatives and their implications for television audience measurement."

The letter says the purpose of the meeting is to "discuss the work that Nielsen is doing to develop the capability to measure online video viewing in the National People Meter panel and to share our thoughts on potentially aligning that effort with these industry developments. Most importantly, the purpose of this meeting is to get your feedback and input on these plans."

Much of the industry has signalled an interest in moving to a single-source measurement system whereby a client would be able to track both TV and online video viewing of an individual and receive a single figure covering both activities.

The meeting is part of Nielsen's response to the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) which includes major industry players from NBC Universal to CBS Corp., are seeking ideas from a wide range of measurement services with the aim of finding the most effective solutions for moving the industry forward. The group is expected to issue request for proposals (RFPs) in the coming weeks.

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