Advanced Television

Sezmi launches video service

February 19, 2010

Sezmi, backed by $100 million in financing since its 2006 founding, is set to launch its first video service, in the Los Angeles area. It plans to gradually roll out its TV and Internet video service throughout the US, completing the rollout in 2011.

Best Buy will sell Sezmi TV set-top box systems for $299. The system includes a media recorder and a new type of indoor TV antenna that looks like a bookshelf speaker.

Sezmi will offer two monthly service plans. For $20, consumers receive all their local over-the-air broadcast TV channels, 23 cable channels, and YouTube and other Internet content, as well as access to about 10,000 videos-on-demand that cost extra to buy or rent. For $5, users get local TV, Internet and access to VOD. The $20 is less than most any TV service, but users also need to have a broadband Internet connection.

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