Advanced Television

Strong consumer interest in multi-screen viewing of TV

March 25, 2010

QuickPlay Media, a provider of solutions that manage the business of mobile video, has published the results of its third annual independent Market Tools survey focused on mobile TV and video consumption in the US.

The 2010 study indicates high interest in new TV and video entertainment delivery models, particularly multi-screen video services. Specifically, 53 per cent of respondents voiced an interest in services that allow them to seamlessly switch between multiple devices, such as PCs and smartphones, when watching programs.

The study also shows that 56 per cent of respondents are interested in mobile TV and video services, up slightly from 55 per cent in 2009. Additionally, while the number of people that have tried their carrier's mobile TV and video service holds firm at 36 per cent, the survey reveals accelerating adoption in the past year. Specifically the study found that 67 per cent of those currently watching mobile TV or video began using such services in the last 12 months and 25 per cent in the past six months.

Consumer engagement with mobile TV/video services is also on the rise.

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