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HDTV out of reach for half of Spain

May 10, 2010

From David del Valle in Madrid

Around 12 million TV sets in Spain, 46 per cent of the total market, are not ready for HDTV and another 11 million need a special set-top-box to watch it, according to the Electronic Association, Asimelec.

Most of those 12 million are “old TV sets”, capable of receiving DTT through a set-top-box but not ready for HD according to Jesus Casado, responsible for TV at the Association.

The Ministry of Industry is likely to approve a new Decree to oblige manufacturers to integrate HD technology in TV sets of more than 21″.

In the meantime, broadcasters are carrying out the first HD transmissions and tests, with public broadcasters, TVE and Regional channels, leading the process. The digital DTH platform, Digital Plus, has announced that from January the company will distribute around 20 HD TV channels, which will be marketed as a HD platform, with channels such as TNT HD, AXN HD, Canal Plus Comedia HD, Canal Plus Accion HD or Canal Plus DCine, among others.

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