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'Adult content boosts Smart TV’

June 14, 2010

Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of adult content firm Vivid Entertainment, has told film and digital media industry executives that adult entertainment can lead to consumer acceptance of the new “Smart TV” era—just as it did with VHS, DVD and VOD.

Hirsch revealed that Vivid is developing new tools to distribute its adult films, celebrity sex tapes and sex education videos through the web, mobile and VOD, channels that “will be crucial to the future of our company and for the entire adult industry.”

“Because at this point an entire generation of consumers is used to getting so much adult content free, we are studying whether or not to change our online subscription model. We believe that we need to offer our consumers a variety of content that cannot be pirated.”

“We’ve been preparing for Smart TV or true convergence for some time and we’re making deals now that will position us for this development. This means working with TV manufacturers, cable companies, and other key players. The future of the adult industry is at stake and we are determined to make this work. In addition, since we were the first in the industry to create a profitable mobile programme we will continue to develop this effort. We’ve been on top of 3D developments and are fully involved in this technology as a growing number of consumers gain access to 3D at home.

“Because of our size and position in the industry, inventors of new technology come to us first. At any given time we have several pilot programmes running that explore the feasibility of the latest innovations for the way we do business. Vivid has been a key driver for all types of technology—from VHS and early web-based content, to interactive DVDs, on to a full function interactive website to burning your own DVD. Today we are in a position to be early adopters of delivery vehicles and concepts that are not even off the drawing boards as yet,” he said.

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