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Research: Mobile TV behaviour

October 11, 2010

“Mobile media usage continues to accelerate across the globe, driven by advancing technologies and the growing number of content options available to consumers,” said Mark Donovan, comScore senior vice president of mobile. “As we look across markets, dramatic differences in mobile media consumption, brand adoption and user behavior become evident. These differences are even more pronounced than they are for PC-based Internet usage due to the complex nature of mobile – including various device capabilities, operating systems and methods of accessing content. For brands seeking to establish a multi-market presence, understanding usage dynamics across geographies is essential to implementing a successful global mobile marketing strategy.”

A cross-market analysis of mobile activities in Japan, the US and Europe revealed significant differences among consumers by geography. Mobile users in Japan were the “most connected” of the three markets, with more than 75 per cent using connected media (browsed, accessed applications or downloaded content) in June, compared to 43.7 per cent in the U.S. and 38.5 per cent in Europe.

Japanese mobile users also displayed the strongest usage of both applications and browsers with 59.3 per cent of the entire mobile population accessing their browsers in June and 42.3 per cent accessing applications. Comparatively 34.0 per cent of mobile users in the U.S. and 25.8 per cent in Europe used their mobile browsers, with 31.1 per cent in the US and 24.9 per cent in Europe accessing applications.

Messaging methods also varied with Europeans displaying the strongest use of text messaging with 81.7 per cent sending a text message in June, compared to 66.8 per cent in the U.S. and just 40.1 per cent in Japan. Japanese users exhibited the highest reach in the email category at 54 per cent, while consumers in the U.S. were most likely to use instant messaging services on their mobile (17.2 per cent).

Social networking/blogs reached the greatest per centage of mobile users in the U.S. at 21.3 per cent, followed by Japan at 17.0 per cent and Europe at 14.7 per cent. Japanese users were most likely to capture photos (63.0 per cent) and watch TV/video (22.0 per cent) on their mobiles, while Europeans were most likely to listen to music (24.2 per cent) and play games (24.1 per cent).

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