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CRE to study video media usage

October 20, 2010

The Council for Research Excellence (CRE), a diverse group of senior research professionals from throughout the media and advertising industries, dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of audience measurement methodology, has issued a request for proposal (RFP) to industry researchers to study available research regarding new video-media usage.

The objective of the project would be to review research that is currently available about video consumption on newer platforms so that the CRE can then design and execute new research into these areas. Specifically, the CRE eventually wants to explore video consumption relative to: live viewing (as a base measure); screen-size impact; HDTV; DVRs; streaming (all formats); mobile (all forms); game consoles; 3-D TV; tablet PCs; and others as may be found in the course of the review.

To date, the CRE has issued the results of several major completed studies, including the Video Consumer Mapping Study, involving in-person, computer-assisted observation of media consumption; a Set-Top Box Study, examining the state of set-top box-based audience research; a landmark Non-Response Bias Study, exploring the impact and correlates of non-response to Nielsen surveys; and ‘data-mining’ from the Video
Consumer Mapping Study, revealing consumers’ habits immediately before, during and after TV commercials, and their media consumption habits immediately prior to shopping, among other topics.

“This newest project would be an initial step toward building on the game-changing work of the Video Consumer Mapping Study, which measured live-TV viewing behaviour,” said Laura Cowan, vice president and media director of RJC Advertising and chairperson of the CRE’s Media Consumption & Engagement Committee. “Our goal is to take a deep cut into the viewer experience to gain a broader overview of what newer devices and uses can be measured, as well as the implications of any new methodologies for measurement. Studying the latest, and emerging, patterns of video consumption is a major task so as a first step we want to review what has been discovered so far.”

The deadline for submissions in response to the RFP is November 15th, 2010. The CRE expects to undertake the project in early 2011.

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