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PlayJam free access for developers

November 10, 2010

PlayJam has invited third party games developers to maximise revenues by publishing their titles free of charge to its global connected TV network.

PlayJam is the world’s largest TV games publisher, delivering its 500-strong library of branded casual games titles via a common Application Programme Interface (API) to millions of consumer electronics devices across the globe. Earlier this year, Sony and Samsung’s connected TV services joined the platform, alongside some of the largest digital TV operators including Sky, Dish TV (US), Freeview and UPC’s pan European network.

PlayJam’s Software Development Kit (SDK) and Publishing Tools allow third party developers distribution access to the leading Connected TV platforms whilst offering added-value features such as tournaments, rewards schemes, leader boards, chat and messaging to drive frequency and loyalty. Smooth interoperability between platforms is made possible by the company’s sophisticated and highly resilient back-end management system Phoenix, facilitating billing, centralised user accounts and real-time reporting.

Jasper Smith, CEO and Founder of PlayJam comments “Our unique expertise together with our ever-growing, mass distribution network position PlayJam at the forefront of the TV games industry. As TV’s become smarter and develop into virtual games consoles, our extensive and feature-rich publishing platform creates an ideal opportunity for developers wishing to capitalize on their titles. “

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