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Web Users: Internet better value than cable TV

January 10, 2011

Regular Internet users in the US overwhelmingly agree that the Internet provides better value than cable television.

A survey by Rasmussen Reports found that 72 per cent of adults who go online at least once a week say the Internet is a better value for the dollar than cable TV. Just 10 per cent say cable TV is the better value, while another 18 per cent are undecided.

Though a majority of all Adult Internet users believe the Internet is a better value, younger adults feel much more strongly than their elders.

Rasmussen suggests that the results perhaps aren’t too surprising given that most Internet users routinely go online to answer questions and give high marks to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The research indicates that cable news and the Internet draw roughly the same number of Americans when it comes to weather reporting.

Those who use the Internet the most often – every day or nearly every day – feel even more strongly that it is a better value than cable.

Just 21 per cent of voters think the Federal Communications Commission should regulate the Internet like it does radio and television. Most voters worry that regulation would be used to push a political agenda.

Last January, more voters said cable news was their primary source for political news than the Internet. But one-in-five voters now regularly get news and political updates on their phones or other portable electronic devices.

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