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Witbe iPhone iPad performance monitoring

January 13, 2011

A gobal expert in testing and monitoring Quality of Experience on all three screens (computer / mobile / television), Witbe now fulfills the specific requirements of the latest generation of Apple terminals: iPhone and iPad.

iPhone and iPad services provide huge potential in terms of revenue and image for industry players and companies that integrate these devices into their business strategy.

However, exploiting this potential effectively depends largely on the quality of the service delivered to users (the Quality of Experience):
*    Are services always accessible and available?
*    Are the response times of optimized applications and websites up to scratch?
*    Is the quality of video content reliable, free of jerkiness or pixelation?

Witbe’s unique technology allows you to determine the quality actually delivered to users and to monitor its evolution over time.

The technology is based on automated systems (Witbe Robots) which:
*    Interact with the services ˆ applications, web browsing, video -just like a real user;
*    Analyze the result on screen;
*    Determine unavailability, response times and video quality.

Witbe customers have relevant and reliable information on the service delivered and can therefore:

*    Objectively test their services before production;
*    Identify performance degradation and unavailability before it affects their users;
*    Monitor their partners‚ SLAs.

These solutions are already being used by large companies and major operators for monitoring, quality tracking and customer relationship management purposes.

Witbe customers can access their reports via a portal, by email or web services – or using iPhone and iPad applications!

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