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Thomson Video Networks at the 2011 NAB Show

February 14, 2011

NEW — Convergent TV and Over-the-Top Solution

ViBE VS7000 Video System
The new ViBE VS7000 video system is a fully integrated IP video solution for convergent applications such as Web TV and over-the-top services delivery, traditional IPTV, and IP/cable delivery. Fifteen years of best-in-class video quality and innovation in compression are built into the breakthrough ViBE VS7000 video system, which combines all major audio/video codecs, the latest adaptive streaming formats, and a resilient IT platform for native redundancy and scalability.


Comprehensive and Upgradeable ATSC/MDTV Offering
Thomson provides the most comprehensive product portfolio for deploying ATSC/MDTV systems. For ATSC broadcasting, the ViBE EM3000 encoder delivers exceptional video quality, combining two full HD programs in a single transport stream or freeing bandwidth for mobile programming. The NetProcessor 9030/40 provides top multiplexing performance with software upgradeability to ATSC-M/H. This complements — as regards MDTV — the state-of-the-art Jade signaling server and the ViBE Mobile encoder. The latter now provides ATSC closed-captioning for mobile broadcasting and a new audio loudness control feature.

Playout and Regionalization Solutions

Sapphire MPEG Broadcast Server
A unique “channel-in-a-box” solution with advanced capture, playout, and regionalization capabilities, operating frame-accurately in the compressed domain, Sapphire provides all the functions needed to ingest, process, brand, and generate TV channels ready for air. New features include frame-accurate clip editing enhancements, advanced logo insertion features (support for H.264, new scheduling capabilities), and BXF support. These new features improve the flexibility of the video server, in particular when used with external automation or traffic systems.

NetProcessor 9030/40 Video Processor
The NetProcessor 9030/40 now includes a new DVB-T2 interface for a more than 30 percent bandwidth enhancement, as well as MPEG-2/H.264 enhancements for splicing from a national feed to a regional program in a statistical multiplex without requiring rate-shaping.

Contribution Solution

ViBE VA5004 JPEG Codec
The ViBE VA5004 is a modular chassis with dual power supplies and four slots for any combination of hot-swappable encoding or decoding modules. State-of-the-art JPEG 2000 compression makes the ViBE VA5004 ideal for very high-quality SD, HD, or 3G HD transmission over IP links. The economical ViBE VA5004 typically requires only 150 Mbps for one HD channel or 40 Mbps for one SD channel. Combining low latency and excellent audio/video synchronization with powerful tools for IP transmission error correction, advanced clock recovery, and jitter removal, the ViBE VA5004 ensures exceptional network resiliency.

DTH Headend

ViBE EM1000/EM2000 SD Encoders
Thomson’s premium ViBE EM1000/EM2000 MPEG-2/MPEG-4 SD real-time encoders support all interfaces in a single unit to deliver legacy MPEG-2 SD at a 20 percent lower bit rate with no quality loss, reducing disparity with HD channels. ViBE EM1000/EM2000 now features processing of MPEG-2/MPEG-4 compressed sources in addition to baseband signals, additional MPEG-1 Layer II audio encoders for multichannel units, forward error correction generation for primary distribution or IPTV applications, and new filters for processing pre-coded MPEG-2 sources on the ViBE EM2000.

ViBE EM3000 HD Encoder

The industry reference real-time HD encoder, the ViBE EM3000 delivers crystal clear MPEG-4/MPEG-2 HD pictures at market-leading low bit rates. ViBE EM3000 now features a progressive mode to reduce artifacts and bit rates for movies, new algorithms to reduce mosquito effect and retain sharpness, and channel lineup optimization when combined with the latest Flextream£ statistical multiplexing solution.

Software Upgrade to MPEG-4
ViBE EM1000/EM2000/EM3000 encoders support both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding through a software update to provide easy migration to a complete MPEG-4 encoding system, bringing 40-percent bit rate savings compared with MPEG-2.

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